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By: Nadira Zin

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Friday, 16-Sep-2011 12:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
**The Holy month of Ramadhan**

Since this is our last Ramadhan in Nottingham, I've decided to capture most of the dishes I'd prepare for my beloved family...(also nak jadikan proof of evidence to both my girls yang mama dia pernah masak macam2 for them!)....

Ye la kan...balik malaysia nanti sure dah tak serajin macam kat UK ni...maklum la, kedai banyak!

So, to both my girls...and papa bukti nyer ok! I masak macam2 for all of you! ...nanti esok2 bila mama dah tua, jangan berani cakap mama x pernah masak for you guys!

...The photos...

* Satay & mee goreng..

* Soto..

* Kuih-muih...

* Mee Kari..

* Nasi + lauk pauk...

* Chicken chop with black pepper sauce..

* Lauk Ala Thai..tomyam campur, kerabu mangga & telur bistik..

* Nasi Lemak...lauk ayam masala, ikan bakar, telur goreng..

* Nasi Tomato..with kurma telur, ayam masak merah & jelatah..

* Bubur nasi...

* Nasi Kerabu..

* Nasi Ayam Penyet..

Tu je la yang dapat di capture... ....below is my Nurin at the age of 6 years old...dia berjaya puasa 15 hari penuh, and 14 hari lagi 1/2 day...ok la kan..memandangkan kat sini puasa nyer lebih 17 jam!

Thursday, 4-Aug-2011 10:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
**My 32nd**

I turned 32 last week. Nazrul asked how I felt turning 32. And he asked me if I remembered those days when we were teenagers and thought that turning 30 would be a nightmare. What a number! So ancient!

Truth is I feel good. Alhamdulillah, lots of good things happening this year, InsyaAllah!

There’s also a fact that almost a month ago I was pondering about how depressing it is to be turning 33….and then suddenly I realized I was only turning 32!! Gosh, a year’s bonus!! It feels so good to be younger than you think you are!! Hahahahhah!!

So, yeah….I turned 32 last week. Thanks Baba & Mama for being there for me for all these 32 years…thanks Nazrul for being a fantastic friend to me for the past 9 years. You’re a solid rock in my life…thanks Alysya & Aryanna for all the sweet kisses you shower upon me every day…both of you are growing up so fast…becoming sweet lil’ ladies already! Thanks to all my family and friends for the wishes and the comfort you always provide. For that I am forever indebted.

Last but not least…thank you Allah for the wonderful 32 years…You gave me so much to be thankful about even amidst all the bad, the good (always) out weight it all. Not everyone can say this….so, I am indeed truly blessed! 

Sunday, 31-Jul-2011 11:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
**Lavender Farm**

The day after the party, we went to Derby again to visit the Lavender Farm...cantik sangat! Even though it's just a small farm, jadi la kan...dari tak de langsung gambar kami dengan bunga Lavender ni...

Saturday, 30-Jul-2011 10:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
**Birthday party @ The Mundy Park**

Here are some pictures taken during the first, memang plan nak buat at our house sahaja...but since we've started packing some things to bring back home...macam x sesuai dah rumah kalau ader party...sempit!

So, after much discussion with Mr Husband and also my Mama....we've decided to arrange a party at the Mundy and easy concept! Best kat situ...ader BBQ area, ader small pool, ader playground, ader train ride...macam2!

Those invited were close friends...Alysya's and Nissa's friends (sorry la kepada sesiapa yg kami x sempat nak jemput...)...

All in all...we had a great day...I really hope that the guess enjoyed themselves...looking at the pictures, I think they do! Thank you all for coming! I know, the journey was a tad bit far from Nottingham, but I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being able to attend and made my princesses's party a really fun and memorable one! Thank you!...Owh, thank you all for the wonderful pressies too!

To both my girls...Happy Birthday!! May Allah's guidance and blessing be with both of you always...Mama & Papa love you both so much!

Saturday, 2-Jul-2011 12:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark
**When Papa plays football**

Pictures of my lovely daughters while papa plays football. Enjoy!

2 July 2011 : Jubilee Field.

24 July 2011 : UoN Sports Centre

This time, my mom & brother is here. They're here for their 1 month holiday+shopping trip.

Papa & friends were playing against "The English Team" and also "The Arabian team"....

My girls having fun...playing with friends...

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